Kedoshim: What does it mean?

Kedoshim, from the Hebrew קְדֹשִׁים, is a word in plural form found in the Bible several times with respect to persons, their way of life and their interaction with the world around them. The persons being addressed are those who are seeking to enter into a relationship with Elohim (Hebrew for God) based on His revelation of Himself as found of the pages of the Holy Scriptures.

Kedoshim is rooted in the word קָדַשׁ, Kadash, which means the act of setting apart, separating or consecrating something, someone or self. For example, if there is a group of people who have decided that they are going to jump over the edge of a cliff for the fun of it and I choose not to participate in their endeavor, I am setting myself apart, being separate from them in that matter. Or, if my friends and I go through In-N-Out drive through and get burgers, and I choose to save one of them for my wife at home, I am separating, setting apart or consecrating that one for her. When I set myself or an item apart for a separate purpose, direction or intended end, I am making myself or it "Kodesh", קֹדֶשׁ, the singular form of Kedoshim.

In the Biblical context, Kedoshim, then, means "set-apart ones", "separated ones" or "consecrated ones". In fact, this word is so packed with special meaning that it is generally, but not always, translated as "being holy", or Whole-ly set apart for a special purpose, call or life.

"But", you now ask, "what are we setting ourselves apart unto?"

Ahhh… Great question! If you are interested in finding the answer, I humbly invite you to keep reading...